Welcome to Yalesville United Methodist Church

We are OPEN! Come & Worship!

We are open for Worship Service on Sundays at 10am.  We are following the Guidelines set by the NYAC for opening, including mask wearing and social distancing.

If you would like to join us for service, please call the Church Office at 203-269-9521 or email secretaryyumc@snet.net to make a reservation. We ask you make a reservation each week to assist the Church Office with contact tracing should a case of COVID arise.  We thank you for your cooperation in keeping the staff and congregation safe.

AND visit our Christmas Market Page. Worried about holiday shopping? Want to support local vendors & crafters? Missing the Craft Fair season?

Well say no more! We have the answer here. Visit the Christmas Market Page on our website during the month of November. Place your orders and check off everything on your shopping list. Sign-up for a pick up time at the church on Saturday, December 5th. We bring your order to your car and your done!

Questions? Want to be a Vendor? Please contact the Church Secretary at secretaryyumc@snet.net.



     Pastor:  Reverend Anne Bracket
Director of Music Ministries:  Kendra Henderson
Organist: Trudy Brady
Secretary:  Michele Bloom
Sexton:  Rich Lake
Lay Leader:  Gail Powell