Welcome to Yalesville United Methodist Church


Safety Protocols will remain in place (SEE BELOW). Reservations are a MUST. We need to limit our capacity so please reserve your space by:

Service Capacity will be 60 Persons. Our Church Secretary will keep attendance at the door.

We look forward to seeing you there! As always, please contact the church office with any questions.


  • Masks AT ALL TIMES covering nose and mouth.
  • Please use Hand Sanitizer upon entrance
  • Sit in designated seating areas
  • Social distance between those not of the same household
  • NO Singing at this time
  • Paper bulletins will be placed in seats. Please dispose in recycling bin at the end of service.
  • Please deposit offerings and any prayer requests in the Collection box before exiting the sanctuary.
  • Exit the building and gather outdoors for any socialization.


     Pastor:  Reverend Anne Bracket
Director of Music Ministries:  Kendra Henderson
Organist: Trudy Brady
Secretary:  Michele Bloom
Sexton:  Rich Lake
Lay Leader:  Gail Powell