Welcome to Yalesville United Methodist Church

Next Week!!!  May 21 from 9am to 12noon

Clean off your desk, empty the old file cabinet and bring your documents to the church parking lot on the morning of Saturday, May 21. Between 9am and 12 noon, pay $10 to have a copy paper box of documents destroyed, safely and securely. $20 for 30″ box and $25 for a garbage bag.



We look forward to seeing you! We are open and welcome you to join us at Sunday morning Worship at 10am.

As always, please contact the church office with any questions.

The wearing of masks is optional during our Worship Services. 


     Pastor:  Reverend Anne Bracket

Director of Music: Trudy Brady

Secretary:  Michele Bloom

Lay Leader:  Gail Powell

Sexton: Rich Lake