Welcome to Yalesville United Methodist Church


We invite you to come worship with us!

Join us as our program year comes to an end.  This Sunday we will have our Music Sunday. Celebrate the day with lots of favorite hymns.  10 am is the start of worship.


On June 17, our children will lead the day with a celebration of their year of learning the stories and lessons of the Bible. We start our worship service at 10 am. This special day ends with an ice cream sundae!  Hope you can join us!



Our worship services enhance our community and life together. We offer two services on Sunday, at 8:30 and 10 a.m. The 10 a.m. service includes an Adult Choir and a special time for children.
Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month, where Gluten-free elements are available.
This year our youth will have a confirmation class to become church members. Please contact the church office for more details.
                                     Pastor:  Reverend Anne Bracket
Director of Music Ministries:  Kendra Henderson
Organist: Trudy Brady
Secretary:  Michele Bloom
Sexton:  Bob Linsley
Lay Leader:  Gail Powell