Christian Education


All children and youth are welcomed to attend Sunday School during the 10am Worship Service. The first Sunday of the month, children and youth go directly to the classroom and come up to join their families for Communion.

Nursery care for infants – 3 years old.

If your children are attending Sunday School, please be sure that a registration form has been completed!  See Janet Haller if you need a form.

Overview of our Education Program

In Jauary, 2016 we celebrated our study of Jesus Feeding the 5,000 by actually feeding 5,000 people. Our Sunday School students worked with the congregation after service one Sunday to package the 5,184 meals with the organization Feeding Children Everywhere. We had raised $1872.00 throughout the Fall of 2016 to accomplish this goal.

In February, 2016 the Sunday School children worked with our church’s Quilting Group to make a quilt for children at the Cove Center for Grieving Children.

We celebrated Palm Sunday and Easter in March 2016 and even had real farm animal babies join us on Easter Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

For April through June of 2016, we studied Jesus’ events throughout Holy Week. Our culminating activity was creating a map of Jerusalem highlighting these events and marking where they took place.

The theme for Sunday School this year is Taking Care of God’s Creation. We have had several speakers visit the church who taught the children about this theme. A woman from the Meriden Humane Society brought in several kittens and one dog who were looking for furever homes. We received an update a few weeks later that all of the animals we met were adopted. A woman from Teaching Creatuers brought some of her animals in to teach the children about animals around the world. And another woman from the local shelter, Master’s Manna, came in to talk with the children about their work in the community. In November, we hosted a children’s table at the Church Christmas Fair where the children sold gently used toys and games. All of the money they earned was then donated to the Meriden Humane Society and Master’s Manna, $176 total.


Current Programming Spring 2017

Greetings! We have some exciting new things happening in our Sunday School program.  We have a new program we will be using for the rest of the session this year.  It is called the  Bible Basics RP3 Patch Series from PRAY(Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.).  There are 5 main topics that will be covered including The Good Book, Out of the Water, Birds of the Air, Boulders, and Tents and Shelters.  There are 3 lessons to cover each of the 5 topics.  Each lesson includes reading a passage from the Bible, answering questions, discussing the topic, as well as a hands-on activity.  After the 3 lessons are completed for a topic the class will earn a patch for that topic to display in our classroom.   Debbie Sopchak (Jeffery’s mom) has generously donated the 5 patches for us.   Please feel free to see the website for a more thorough description of the program:

This program is geared toward school-age children.  But, as in the past, if you would like to join the class with your preschooler you are more than welcome. We plan on starting the Bible Basics Program this week on Sunday, January 29.  Kendra will be meeting with the children on the third Sunday of each month for music. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you! -Jenn Massameno and the Sunday School Team

The Children learned how God sent ravens to feed Elijah. They acted out the story by feeding popcorn to each other.


Singing “The Stone Rolled Away” on Easter Sunday.

To complete their 3rd Patch from the Bible Basics Program, the children made and flew paper airplanes to demonstrate how God lifts us up on Eagles’ Wings.


The children also learned how God led Moses to strike a rock from which water flowed to quench the thirst of the Israelites.